※The name to use for shipping./配送時に必要となりますので、ニックネーム等はご遠慮ください。

    Artworks and Quantity/希望商品と点数

    Please select the number of artworks you wish to order. ご希望の作品の数を選択してください。








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    Except for Japan/海外配送

    If you wish to ship overseas, please fill in the following blue fields. 海外へ発送希望の方は、以下の


    Please confirm the following.

    ※If EMS is selected for over JPY 200,001, you need official customs clearance compared with simple clearance, and extra time and fee.

    ※Because of the pandemic, some countries stop or delay delivery between Japan. Please confirm which service is available in your country. We can not take responsibility when all deliveries in your country.

    ※There is a case that the TAX is incurred. Please be informed that the importer (you) will be charged it (The customs duty is different from the country. We have no control over the system of customs in your country).

    ※Please fill in your number if you have one./個人輸入番号をお持ちでしたら記入してください。

    Delivery in Japan/日本国内配送

    If you wish to ship within Japan, please fill in the green fields below. 日本国内へ発送希望の方は、以下の


    ※Only cash on delivery in Japan. /着払いでのお届けになります。

    STEP 4


    Please read the following WRITTEN COVENANT, agree to it, and check the box at the bottom of the page. 以下の誓約書を読み、同意の上ページ下部のチェック欄にチェックを入れてください。


    About Artworks I promise to abide by the next items about works of Yuya Hashizume. 1. The copyright of the purchased work is protected by Article 51, Paragraph 21 of the Copyright Law until 70 years after the death of the artist. I don’t use
    the image on the internet and print media for commercial of advertising purposes without the permission of the artist. (Excluding Article 47 of the Copyright Law of Constitution of Japan) 2. When using the image on the internet and print media
    for commercial of advertising purposes, I contact GALLERY KOGURE Co., Ltd. for consent and pay the appropriate copyright fee. (Excluding Article 47 of the Copyright Law of Constitution of Japan) 3. I don’t resale the work for 3 years after purchase.

    About Order Cancellations (before shipping) 1. Cancellation after payment is available within 20days from purchase date. 2. You might have to pay cancellation fee in case of cancellation after payment. 3. Refund process might need 10 business
    days at most in case of cancellation after payment.


    作品について 橋爪悠也作品購入に際し、以下の事を誓約いたします。 1.購入作品の著作権は、著作権法51条21項により、作家の死後70年まで保護されるので、作家の許可なく営利及び広告目的でインターネットや印刷媒体への画像使用はしない。 (著作権法47条を除く) 2.営利及び広告目的で画像を使用する場合、(株)GALLERY KOGUREに連絡し承諾を求め、相応の著作権料を支払う。(著作権法47条を除く) 3.購入から3年間、作品の転売はしない。

    お取引について 1.決済後のご注文作品のキャンセルは、決済日より20日以内にお願い申し上げます。 2.決済後のご注文作品のキャンセルは、キャンセル料を頂戴いたします。 3.決済後のご注文のキャンセルは、返金処理に最大10営業日かかる場合がございます。