後藤温子 展 – 空っぽの偶像
Atsuko Goto solo exhibition – an empty idol –
■2016.9.9 – 9.17
■11:00 – 18:30
■Closed on Sunday

この度、LOWER AKIHABARA.では、後藤温子の個展を開催いたします。




LOWER AKIHABARA pleased to announce solo exhibition of Atsuko Goto.

Guuzou, a Japanese concept usually translated as an idol or icon, explain about religious figure, performance idol or character idol and so on, needs to be an empty vessel for the person who observes it (the worshiper) to empathize with it. We Japanese have been worshiping guuzou since ancient times. While some people have come to worship talents or virtual characters with the rapid change in values during the modern era, those objects are all only shape variations of an empty guuzou. The worshiper, however, can never alter even the shape of the vessel at his/her discretion. Like an unconscious dream, which is a sanctuary that cannot be altered by will, an empty guuzou cannot be controlled even though it might be loved.

Atsuko Goto—an artist who has been depicting in her paintings people’s inner emotions they are not conscious of. It is Goto’s style of production to make a picture following her unconscious desires (what she feels unconsciously) at the time without seeking any meaning, so that pieces of memories in a dream can emerge as a mysterious story or scene. The girls depicted in her imagery paintings through such a process of mental rebirth appear to have no will, just smiling in a fictitious cocoon.