喫茶トお酒 襤褸 グランドオープンのお知らせ
Cafe & Lounge boro GRAND OPEN

GALLERY KOGUREは「喫茶トお酒 襤褸」(ボロ)を2月3日よりオープンいたします。戦前に建てられた歴史ある建物で、喫茶トお酒ト美術をお楽しみいただける空間となっており、軽食のご用意もございます。


OPEN 11:30 – 19:00 (food l.o.18:00 / drink l.o.18:30)
CLOSE 月曜日ト時々





2023年ミロンガ・ヌオーバが近隣に移転し、その後この建物は「西印度館」と改名されて現在に至ります。戦前戦後、バブルも再開発も乗り越えた歴史あるレンガ造りをそのままに、2024年「襤褸(ボロ)」がオープンしました。神保町に拠点を構えるGALLERY KOGUREが、それぞれの時代を生き抜いた作品、そして現代をリードする作品を展示してまいります。美術に囲まれた空間でくつろぎのひとときを過ごして頂けたら幸いです。

GALLERY KOGURE is finally holding the grand opening of “boro”, a cafe&lounge where you can enjoy cafes, alcohol, and art in a historic building built before the war. Light snacks are also available.
We look forward to your visit.

Address:1-3-22 Kandajinbocho Chiyoda-ku TOKYO, 101-0051

OPEN 11:30 – 19:00 (food l.o.18:00 / drink l.o.18:30)
CLOSE every Monday and sometimes

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In the narrow, Showa era alleyways of Jimbocho, there stands an unassuming two-story wooden building estimated to have been built around 1929. Once known as the “Shoshinsha Building,” the second floor of this structure housed three major poetry publishing houses: “Shoshinsha” by Hitoshi Moriya, ” Eureka” by Tokuo Date, and “Shichosha” by Kyuro Oda. These publishers, all crammed into the same 33 square meter office, shared desks and a single telephone while leading the way in modern Japanese poetry.

The first floor was occupied by “Rimbaud,” a cafe established by Hitoshi Moriya in 1947. This coffee house would become a fixture of the Tokyo writing scene, with authors such as Yukio Mishima, Shusaku Endo, and Junnosuke Yoshiyuki becoming regulars. “Milonga” opened in 1953 as a successor to “Rimbaud” and became a popular spot for Argentine tango, which was enjoying a period of popularity in Japan at that time. In 1995 it was renamed to “Milonga Nueva.” after a period of renovation and still operates under this name today.

After the relocation of “Milonga Nueva” in 2023 this building became known as the “West India House”. Attracted to the timeless beauty of the property’s rare historic brick construction that endured the pre-war, post-war, Bubble, and redevelopment eras, “boro” opened its doors here in 2024. In the spirit of the poets, authors, and artists who built this space all these years ago, GALLERY KOGURE aims to exhibit artworks that have weathered through each era, and those that lead the contemporary scene in this unique and important building. We look forward to immersing you in the art and history of Jimbocho in this space.