“Here Where We Are” curated by Sophia Chizuko
■2016.6.10 – 7.2
■11:00 – 18:00
■Closed on Sunday and Monday

Liene Bosquê (Brazil)
Sophia Chizuco (Japan)
Isabelle Garbani (France)
Liesl Pfeffer (Australia)
Claudia Sohrens (Germany)
Julio Austria (Philippines)

GALLERY KOGURE NEWYORK is pleased to present “Here Where We Are” with hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK.

This exhibition brings together the work of six international artists currently working in New York by curation of Sophia Chizuko( a mentor in NYFA’ s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program)

While ranging in mediums from installation, to print, to photography and paintings, all six artists share the bonds of having met in New York while creating work in keeping with their cultural heritage. These varied works create the Here while the physical exhibition serves as the Where We Are.

GALLERY KOGURE NEWYORK exhibit some works by Julio Austria from Philippines.

GALLERY KOGURE NEW YORKより、hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORKとの共同開催展「Here Where We Are」をご案内致します。


それぞれの作品はインスタレーション、版画、写真、絵画など多岐にわたりますが、6人それぞれが自身の作品に出身地の文化的背景を投影しつつ、ここニューヨークでの経験を含めある種の結束感を共有しています。このような作品の多様性が「Here=ここ」という概念を、また、その作品が実際に集まる本展が「Where We Are=自分たちのいる場所」という概念を体現しています。

GALLERY KOGURE NEWYORKからはフィリピン出身のJulio Austriaをご紹介いたします。