イニーゴ ナヴァロ -The Sun of Japan-
Iñigo Navarro -The Sun of Japan-
2 – 9 February 2024
12:00 – 18:00
〒101-0051 東京都千代田区神田神保町2-14-19

 GALLERY KOGUREは、スペイン出身の画家イニーゴ・ナヴァロの個展を開催いたします。イニーゴ(Iñigo Navarro Dávila)は1977年マドリード生まれ。スペインを中心に展覧会やアートフェアで積極的に活動しており、本展が日本で初めての展覧会となります。





 個人的経験とスペインという確かな土壌に支えられ、静謐な物語を描き続けるイニーゴ。彼は私達を招き入れながら、想像力が続く限り物語を広げていきます。本展タイトルを「The Sun of Japan」とするにあたり、イニーゴは、日本の国旗はアンダルシア地方の古都カディスの太陽のようだと表現しました。記念すべき日本初個展をぜひご高覧くださいませ。

1977 スペイン・マドリード生まれ

2015 ギャラリア・コントラスト / バルセロナ
2019 Heissings Art / ベルリン, Blue Spiral 1 / アメリカ
2022 Fundación Scarpia / スペイン
2023 Heissings Art / リューベック、ドイツ

2013 MEAM Museo de arte europeo(欧州近代美術館)、バルセロナ(2015)
2014 ラ・カサ・ベラスケス / スペイン
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2015 Figurativas 2015国際賞最終選考 / バルセロナ、スペイン
IX certamen nacional parlamento de La Rioja選考 / スペイン
2014 XI Bienal Albacete de pintura優勝 / アルバセテ、スペイン
2013 Figurativas2013国際賞最終選考 / バルセロナ、スペイン
2012 X Bienal Albacete / スペイン
IV course of figuración y realism museo Casa ibañez選考 / アルメリア、スペイン
2011 Taller “Antonio López”選考 / アルバセテ
2010 Explum 2010購入賞 / ムルシア、スペイン
2009 XIX premio de dibujo “Gregorio Prieto” / シウダ・レアル、スペイン
2008 Mención de honor en el premio internacional de fotografía “Casino de Marbella” / スペイン
2007 Descubrimientos Photoespaña 07国際写真賞の最終選考 / スペイン


2 – 9 February 2024
12:00 – 18:00
No holiday
2-14-19 Kandajinbocho Chiyoda-ku TOKYO #101-0051

GALLERY KOGURE is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Spanish painter Iñigo Navarro. Born in Madrid in 1977, he has been actively involved in exhibitions and art fairs mainly in Spain, and this exhibition will be his first in Japan.

Many pilgrims visit Catholic holy sites every year, and a child stands at the top of a human-made tower during the traditional festival of “Castells”. In Spain, such traditional events, where people put their lives on the line, are still cherished. In a country with a rich art history, Iñigo frequents the Prado Museum with his mother and has visited countless times, especially the Goya and Velázquez galleries.

His works, which seem to be taken from scenes from a story, have a sense of nostalgia and a sense of discomfort that coexist with them. High level of technique, deep storytelling, free thinking, and a subtle sense of humor. Iñigo interweaves these elements with great balance, creating beautiful and elegant works that are timeless.

Handmade masks might be a motif that symbolizes childhood. The children seem to exist in a mysterious floating feeling, communicating with a world that only they can access. They can freely play in an imaginary world without being restricted by time or place. A nostalgic feeling that feels like something you’ve ever seen before. And something strange, as if we had witnessed the existence of another world. Iñigo’s works are not only his personal anecdotes, but also the universal stories of childhood, which everyone has experienced, and the sense of discomfort that lurks in everyday life.

A great influence on his artistic activities was his uncle, who often talked about out-of-body experiences in front of his family. He also says that Spain’s historical heritage – the streets where great artists walked still exists and he can walk there in the same way – is just as important to him as the stories.

Inigo continues to picture tranquil stories, supported by his personal experience and the solid historical foundation of Spain. He invites us in and expands the story as long as his imagination lasts. In choosing the title of this exhibition as “The Sun of Japan,” Iñigo expressed that the Japanese flag resembles the sun of the ancient city of Cádiz in the Andalusian region.

Please take a look at this memorable first solo exhibition in Japan.

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
2023 Heissings Art, Lubeck, Germany
2022 Fundación Scarpia. El Carpio, Andalucia, Spain
2019 Heissings Art, Berlin
Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC. 2018
2015 Galería Contrast, Barcelona.

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2019 CONTEXT, Miami
SWAB Barcelona – VOLTA Basel
Kunst Rai, AMS
2017 Kirk Gallery, The Fall, Alborg, Dinamarca
2015 Parlamento de la Rioja
Nueva figuración española, Museo de Almería, Museo casa Ibáñez, España – Club Matador
2014 La casa Velázquez, España
Galería Contrast, Barcelona
2013 Figurativas 2013, MEAM Museo de arte Europeo, Barcelona, 2012

Awards (selected)
2015 Finalista del premio internacional Figurativas 2015, Barcelona, España
Seleccionado IX certamen nacional parlamento de La Rioja, España
2014 Ganador de la XI Bienal Albacete de pintura, Albacete, España
2012 X Bienal Albacete, España
Seleccionado en IV curso de figuración y realism museo Casa ibañez, Almeria, España
2011 Seleccionado, Taller “Antonio López”, Albacete.
2010 Premio adquisición, Explum 2010, Murcia, España
2009 XIX premio de dibujo “Gregorio Prieto”, Ciudad Real, España 2008
2007 Finalista premio internacional de fotografía “Descubrimientos Photoespaña 07, España

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