Li-Ren Chang 展「古典小電影」
Li-Ren Chang solo exhibition “Classic Small Movies”

東京展 /Tokyo
会期 /Data   2013年11月30日 (土) -12月11日 (水)  Nov.30 – Dec.11
時間 /open   11:00-19:00 11am-7pm
休廊 /close   日曜、月曜  Sun and Mon
レセプション /opning reception  11月30日(土) 18:00-20:00  Nov.30  6pm-8pm

大阪展 /Osaka
会期 /Data   2013年12月16日 (月) -12月27日 (金)  Dec.16 – Dec.27
会場 /Venue   YOD Gallery
時間 /open   12:00-19:00 12am-7pm
休廊 /close   12月24日(火)  Dec.24 
レセプション /opning reception  12月21日(土) 18:00-20:00  Dec.21  6pm-8pm

本日はLowerAkihabara.「Chang Li-Ren」展のご案内をさせて頂きます。
Chang Li-Renは台湾・台中出身の映像作家です。
日本国内初となる今回の個展は、大阪・YOD Galleryに巡回いたします。

Chang Li-Ren 張立人
2008 Currently studying in Tainan National University of the Arts
2006 Graduate in National Taiwan University of Arts
1983 Born in Taichung , Taiwan

Group Exhibitions
2013 True Illusion, Illusory Truth : Contemporary Art Beyond Ordinary Experience, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei.
2012 Safe Zon, Hong-Gah, Taipei, Taiwan.
2012 Art Show Busan, Busan, Korea.
2012 Made in Taiwan, Input / Output Gallery, Hong Kong.
2012 Turning a Blind Eye, Agora Art Project x Space, Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 Don’t Brush off What You See – 10 Ideas From Artists on Energy and Disaster, TinaKeng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 Parts and Whole – Today’s Perspectives in Art from East Asia, Hiromiyoshii, Tokyo.
2011 New Directions : Trans – Plex Weaving Platform, Khandu MoFA, Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 Video Taiwan, FRAC Nord – Pas de Calais, France.
2010 Dreamland Group Exhiition, ULTRAART FAIR, Tokyo.
2010 OOPJECT, Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
2010 2010 Young Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan.
2010 8th Taishin Arts Award, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2010 Mingling The Palace Museum – Post-Motherland Sentiments, Inart Space, Tainan,Taiwan.
2010 The Contemporary Art of Taiwan, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea.
2010 Super Generation@TAIWAN, Today Art Museum, Beijing.
2009 2009 Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei.
2009 Super Generation@TAIWAN, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai.
2009 2009 Very Fun Park, Taipei, Taiwan.
2009 Wonder Show 01 Video Show Plug-Inart space, Inart Space , Tainan, Taiwan.
2009 2009 Young Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan.
2009 Welcome to the Desert of the Real, Taichung, Taiwan.
2009 The 7th Taoyuan Creation Award, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
2009 Kaohsiung Awards 2009, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2009 Neo Kaohsiung Wave-2nd Wave ”Liberty-Techniques”, Sincewell Gallery, Kaohsiung,
2006 Special Administrative Region, Taipei, Taiwan.
2005 Bear and Tank, Taipei, Taiwan.

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Battle City 1.1, Tai Shin Financial Tower, Taipei, Taiwan.
2011 Neo Friends- Display its loneliness, VT ArtSalon , Taipei, Taiwan.
2010 Battle City, Kao Yuan Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2009 Irdina, Tainan, Taiwan.

2010 8th Taishin Arts Award – Selected
2009 Taipei Arts Award
2009 Taoyuan Creation Award
2009 Kaohsiung Award