林 祐衣 個展 ”night terror”
Yui Hayashi Solo Exhibition “night terror”
■2017.5.5 – 6.10
■11:00 – 18:00
■Closed on Sunday and Monday

white plastic
2017 / oil on canvas / 41.0×31.8cm

2017 / oil on canvas / 45.5×38.0cm

GALLERY KOGURE NEW YORK is pleased to announce solo exhibition of Yui hayashi.
Inspired by water from her debut, Yui Hayashi had started drawing from images around water at her beginning to the motifs of an ocean and aquatic life, but she came to draw motifs carrying “humidity” afterwards, which were changed to bathroom, shower room, wet hair, animal’s mouth and others. After the mid-2010, her expression of Medium carrying “humidity”, which is not to draw something specific but turns into the effect to exert noise on the work, is shown boldly on the picture.
Loose lines and rough touches coexisting in her paintings based on realism remind us the bugs sneaking into the repeatability in the digital era. A feeling of wrongness depicted with a sense of digital era is recognized visually as a clear rent by being expressed with an analog painting.
Today, she mainly paints a casual moment in her daily life by cutting out from various viewpoints. Among them, bugs lurking in time or feeling which continues like a matter of course in the passage of daily life are depicted, which can be felt like the entrance to the parallel world that we doubt various concepts in this given world and can escape, and expresses freshness symbolizing her characteristic.
“To me, painting is largely related to overcoming toward the awareness of ‘time’. Time is not something constant, but may be like the painful reluctance of the God or something like a jelly sinking into my feet secretly.
A scene constantly changes to another in the midst of incomprehension, a body gets old and clothing is worn out.
When I am painting, sometimes I go where time can’t see only for a moment.
Permanency that suddenly comes in everyday life is the singular point of time which stopped to pass toward death, and it is my purpose to jump into the gap.”

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 GALLERY KOGURE NEW YORKでは、林祐衣個展を開催いたします。
 林 祐衣は、デビュー当時から水に導かれ、初期は水のあるイメージから始まり、海や水生生物がモチーフに見られましたが、その後は「湿度」を感じさせるモチーフを描くようになった。洗面所、シャワールーム、濡れた髪、動物の口腔などに変遷しました。2010年代の半ば以降、湿度を感じさせるメディウムの表現は、具体的な何かを描くのではなく、作品にノイズを及ぼす効果となって大胆に画面に現れています。
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