Atsuko Goto Solo Exhibition “The happy prince”

■2018.5.11 – 5.26
■Closed on Sunday and Monday

We are pleased to announce solo exhibition of Atsuko Goto, Japanese watercolor painter. Please do have a look the amazing
imagination world of Goto which make overturning image of watercolor painting by highest brush skill.

Goto paints emotions lurking deep in the hearts of people unaware of them. At a glance they may seem like beautiful, dreamy visions, but for example a person’s dual nature, or their determination and their dishonesty, or their ugly heart will be expressed in the work through motif expressions and acts. Even in the oil painting department at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Goto immersed herself in pigment research, and the small quantities of pigment she was able to refine from gemstones with her high skills, in particular the very rare lapis lazuli, have become important materials essential to her work. Using the delicate, faint hues of lapis lazuli (an overall bluish color) as her underlying tone, she has produced color tones that are on the whole graceful and pale, by choosing other pigments that do not hinder the lapis lazuli. When painting artworks with the pigment colors themselves, she believes that watercolor paintings are the most suitable, and she has chosen to use fine cotton rather than paper in order to achieve better coloring. The complicated, mysterious people, animals and plants that she paints have a very strong impact, yet her fluid, freehand lines and gentle colors transform one’s impression of them to that of a beautiful, dreamy vision. Due to her respect of pure colors, the lines and colors she paints neither intersect nor overlap; they are all done through a finely detailed, clearly drawn technique that is almost unbelievable. Her uncompromising techniques and her deep love of pigments are Goto’s virtues, and naturally they are connected to the spirituality that reveals itself in her works.


This solo exhibition is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince”. The unnoticed love of the Prince and the Swallow, the Prince’s quiet sadness and despair to the world that cannot be changed by conscience and the good old people who are stupid enough to be (or pretend to be) unaware of the existence of the Prince make me think of the modern society.
Under a theme, “Painting” is “Dreaming”, I expressed hidden passions of people and mysterious stories and scenes composed of memory fragments, which would appear in dreams. Contemporary Japanese people with a receptive and submissive mentality unique to Japan, where selflessness is regarded as a virtue, always seem despairing in silence, while living in a calm and sincere life in a fictional cocoon. I would like to express the scenery of those people through the eye of myself, who is a single Japanese person as well.

Atsuko GOTO